Ex- Nairobi Governor Sonko Joins 'Kazi Ya Mjengo' {VIDEO}

Ex- Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has surprised Kenyans after he shared a video of himself working in a construction site popularly known to many Kenyans as 'mjengo'.

The flamboyant governor was Known for his lavish lifestyle, and many would not expect him to take up a menial job in a construction site for that matter. This has however shocked many netizens as to how sonko`s life has drastically changed ever since he was ousted as the Nairobi governor and replaced by current governor Ann kananu Mwendwa.

EX- Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko Photo Courtesy

In the video captioned "Life after politics is stress-free," sonko is seen loading sand to the wheelbarrow and even lifting it on a bucket into the mixer in an unknown construction site within Nairobi.