Facebook to Pull Down Fake Covid 19 Vaccine Claims

A popular phone application known as Facebook stated on Monday that it will now launch an excessive of pulling down fake claims about the Covid 19 virus and the vaccine.

Facebook to Pull Down Fake Covid 19 Vaccine Claims

According to the application, it added that its move is to eliminate the fake claims and pieces of information about the coronavirus, its vaccine such as Covid 19 is a manmade virus, and vaccines are harmful to human health.

On the other hand, the app will also pulldown groups, pages, and accounts that repeatedly share the debunked claims on the same fake information.

This new update comes at a time FB had announced in December last year that it would remove false claims about COVID-19 vaccines that had been debunked by public health experts, though in recent weeks news reports have identified Facebook pages, groups and Instagram accounts still spreading these false claims.

Also, it stated that it would help users find out where and when they can receive the coronavirus vaccine.

It will partner with Johns Hopkins and the AARP to reach Black, Latinx, Native Americans, and people over 50 with educational content that addresses concerns those groups may have about the new vaccine.