Four DCI Officers In Court Over Bribery

Three officers from the DCI-Dagoretti were charged with conspiring to accept a bribe of Ksh1 million .

Four DCI Officers In Court Over Bribery

In their absence, the policemen Charles Macharia Wanjiru, Samuel Yunnah Kukhuvilo, Joseph Gikara Gachera, and the principal suspect Julius Onyango Oguma did not plead guilty to the graft allegations.

Senior Principal Magistrate Victor Wakumile, on the other hand, ordered the police officer Onyango, who had skipped court, to appear on March 22 for a plea hearing.

While deferring the plea, the magistrate permitted the suspects to hire lawyers and avoid a hasty resolution of the case.

"I grant the defense permission to put their affairs in order and issue a summons against Julius Onyango Oguma," Wakumile ruled that the plea be postponed until March 22, 2022, at 9 a.m.

According to the prosecution, the four officers fired in the air during a spectacular arrest to hinder EACC officers from carrying out the arrest.

According to reports, the three who were in court assaulted the scene in Kabete police station and discharged multiple rounds of ammunition, startling EACC personnel and assisting one of the police officers, Julius Onyango, in escaping.

EACC officers claim that Onyango escaped with a Ksh100,000 bribe while handcuffed during the Melee.

The four cops are charged with eight counts of conspiracy to commit an economic crime, taking a bribe, obstruction, helping a prisoner's escape, and robbery with violence, according to a charge sheet submitted in court.

The cops are accused of accepting a bribe of Ksh 1 million from Pan Xido Yan in exchange for not prosecuting his wife Gong Huan for being in Kenya without legal immigration paperwork.

On November 28, 2018, the claimed offenses were committed.

Onyango is accused of accepting a bribe of Ksh 200,000 from Jane Wangu, a Yan employee, in exchange for not charging Gong in the second count.

The four officers were also accused of impeding the arrest of EACC officers James Wachira, Martin Mbuvi, Philip Major, and Alex Nyakundi at Kabete police station by drawing their weapons and shooting in the air to scare them away.

Macharia, Yunnah, and Kigara are accused of assisting Onyango in eluding law enforcement.

Macharia is accused of stealing an EACC officer, Philip Major, of Ksh7,000 and his employment card in a violent manner.