Freshly Mwamburi, the 'Stella' hit singer Explains the song

Stella was a real person, Freshly Mwamburi Explains

Freshly Mwamburi, the  'Stella' hit singer Explains the song
Freshly Mwamburi.

The hitsong,'Stella' is most celebrated on the 17th of May from the concept of the song. From the song, it was the day that Stella was expected to return to the country from Japan and the artist was waiting for his long- time lover only for her to show up with an all grown son and a husband, leaving him heartbroken. The day has since become the anniversary of the song. 

Mwamburi confirmed that Stella was indeed a real person. They met when she was a teen and he was in his early 20s. 

During an interview at The Starndard, Mwamburi said that the son was exactly what had happened. Stella, the young lady he loved used to live near his place attracted him and the two started dating. At the time, she was a college student.

The artist disclosed that he funded Stella`s flight to Japan to further her studies. Years later, on a 17th of May, he was supposed to pick the love of his life only for her to show up with her lover and an all grown up son.

According to him, Stella knows about the song and she loves it. The two, however, do not talk since they both have their lives now. 

Mwamburi`s wife, Dorcas is also in good terms with Stella and the song. She also respects the fact that she was there before her.