From Grass to Grace!

Inspiring Story of "Bonnie The Delivery Guy"

From Grass to Grace!
Bonnie the Delivery Guy
  • Unique Boda boda deliveries
  • From Theology to hospitality to deliveries
  • Self employment 

Boda Bodas are mostly known for their services in transportation, both of people and goods. Basically, that is all motorcycles are known for. 

"Bonnie The Delivery Guy" may have a totally different opinion. His bike is not just for rides, but he uses it on a unique business. Just like the name indicates, he uses his motorbike to do deliveries. His services are majored on Office Deliveries; from parcels and packages. 

He has found a good connection with offices in Nairobi and its enviros that have trusted him with all the deliveries for their offices. 

Since childhood, he has been hardworking and always had to find something to do. While starting his career journey, he wanted to beome a clergy man and even persued Theology. He later changed his mind and entered Hospitality world but still it did not work out for him. 

At the time he was thinking of something he could do, he had a motorbike that he had planned to gift to a fellow.  A friend of his sent him to an office to do a delivery and that is just how his career kick-started. 

Bonnie says that his friends have played a major role in his career, connecting him to more clients. He has also mobilized more riders to easen the traffic. To work with him, one has to be disciplined and self driven 

His mission is to do deliveries all over Africa.

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