Gachagua onto Raila.

“Ni sisi na yeye,” Gachagua says

Gachagua onto Raila.

The Deputy President, in regards to the demonstrations that have been happening in various parts of the country, has warned to deal with Raila, the opposition leader.

He has been quoted saying that Raila has been a nuisance for long and it is time he was dealt with.

“Wakati wa kumalizana na huyo mtu ni sasa, na ataenda akiendaga.”

The ODM Secretary, Edwin Sifuna, has spoken out saying that the party is worried after Gacagua’s threatening remarks.

What could Gacagua's 'final solution to Raila’ be?

Does Raila have anything to worry about concerning those remarks?

Yesterday’s protests in Kisumu went ahead as the Azimio supporters went out onto the street in droves. Their grievances include the high cost of food that had been promised to be lowered once the new government came to power but is yet to happen.

The Azimio coalition is set to give updates today about the grand State House march protest on Monday with Raila set to lead the demonstrations. After declaring Monday the 20th a public holiday, many are waiting to see how it all plays out. 

What do Kenyans think of these protests?

The netizens have varied opinions on these demonstrations.

Many think that they are pointless and may lead to loss of lives and bear no fruit. 

Others believe for change to happen, the citizens must be willing to fight for that change. 

Still, there are those who feel that the leaders are taking advantage of ignorant and poor youths who will end up with nothing even after risking their lives.