Gangster 'Papa" Who Featured in ‘Silaha Mtaani’ Expose Under Siege Amid Fresh Details

The main Source identified as ‘Papa’ in the ‘Silaha Mitaani’ documentary that was aired by Citizen Tv on Sunday 18th is now in hot soup as a section of Undercover police officers have alleged that they have identified him.

Gangster 'Papa" Who Featured in ‘Silaha Mtaani’ Expose Under Siege Amid Fresh Details

‘papa' went Viral after he exposed the ill practice done by the Kenyan men in uniform where it was revealed that the Kenyan policemen, hire their weapons especially pistol, gun (AK 47type), and handcuffs to thugs as low as 1000 Shillings. 

On the other hand, a pistol was being leased at a price as low a Ksh 5,000 and an AK-47 at a price as low as Ksh10,000 to goons.

Besides a pistol was sold at Ksh 10,000 while the price of AK-47 ranged between 80,000 and 200,000 Kenyan shillings.

The expose documentary was conducted by Citizen Tv Investigative journalist Purity Mwambia alongside other crew members.

                                          Investigative Journalist Purity Mwambia  Photo Courtesy

According to the Cops in a quote which they took to their Facebook account, they stated the following: "Ata uyo PAPA mlificha uso tushamjua, he lied to you he had reformed and he was to hand over his gun to the media in exchange for money to start a business and up to now, he is still in possession of his gun. It's just a matter of little time”.

However, in the video, Papa said "But it is hard to hire an AK47 from the regular police, it is easier from administration police because they go home with their guns, they do not have an armory. As long as you have the money you can get anything including bulletproof vests”.