Germany Limits AstraZeneca Shots To Over 60s

The German government has decided that the AstraZeneca vaccine should be used only on people over the age of 60 amid concerns over possible side effects.

Germany Limits AstraZeneca Shots To Over 60s

This move to limit the vaccine to over 60s was taken on Tuesday evening by federal and regional health ministers. The decision-makers stated that those younger than 60 could still receive the jab but only at their doctor`s discretion and at their own risk.

The ministers followed a recommendation by the standing committee that advises the German government on vaccines which stated that the assessment was based on data regarding severe blood clots that had formed in some people who received the jab.

The use of the AstraZeneca vaccine was temporarily halted in several European countries this month due to the concerns of blood clots. On Monday Canada suspended the use of the vaccine in people under 55 citing new concerning data from Europe that involves potential risks.

Angela Merkel, Germany`s chancellor after a video conference with the leaders of Germany`s 16 federal states stated that it was a great fortune that there were so many vaccines available but the whole vaccination campaign rests on the principle of trust and they need to trust the vaccines.

France has limited the use of the vaccine to over 55s, Sweden to over 65s whereas Denmark and Norway extended a complete suspension of the vaccine for another three weeks.