Ghost of Silence

Saying goodbye to those you love.

Ghost of Silence

Just seconds before saying goodbye,

You left without a chance of doing so,

Death came knocking on your door,

You answered with welcoming arms.


Your soul lurks behind watching those you treasure most,

Your soft, gentle voice tries to reach our ears but can’t,

For our hearts are crying for your return,

Pain and loss bounce off the walls of our hearts,

As we try and find comfort in the love we once shared,


The silence before you left became our last memory of you,

Not able to speak your soul,

Left confusion and hollowness to take over,

Death is a silent ghost watching from a distance,

Patiently waiting for his prey as they fall into darkness,


You left without saying farewell,

We abide by our last goodbyes,

Let your soul be guided to new waters.