Gladys Chania To Be Charged With Husband's Murder

Gladys Chania, the politician in Kiambu County, will now legally face charges for allegedly planning the murder of her husband.

Gladys Chania To Be Charged With Husband's Murder

This came after the prosecution finished compiling the evidence that would be utilized to bring charges against Chania and her co-defendant for killing her late husband.

The politician will now be charged with murder in connection with the death of her husband George Mwangi even though she was granted bail last week and has not yet been freed from police custody.

It was discovered that Chania's sureties had not yet been verified by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, and as a result, she had not yet been freed from detention.

Chania was presented in court on Friday, and the prosecution announced that, prior to her formal charging, she will have a psychiatrist evaluation on Tuesday of the following week at the Mathari Mental hospital.

Chania and her co-accused Maurice Mbugua will be brought before the High Court on Monday to answer for the murder allegations, according to Kiambu Senior Resident Magistrate Wilson Radin'g.

The late George Mwangi was laid to rest at his Mang’u residence in Gatundu North. Chania missed the funeral because the DCI refused to let her go from police detention.

The DCI sleuths think that because he was supposedly having an intimate relationship with one Lucy Muthoni, a secretary at a nearby school, her late husband, who had returned to Kenya from Kigali on September 13, 2022, may have been killed in cold blood.

On October 12, only hours before he was supposedly scheduled to take a flight back to Kigali, the 58-year-body old's was discovered abandoned in Kieni Forest, Kiambu County.
The body was discovered hidden by a stack of containers and wrapped in a plastic bag.

The DCI claims that on October 11, 2022, Chania went to the Mwea Police Post in Gatundu North and reported her husband missing.

Since then, detectives have gone to the deceased's residence in Mang'u, the alleged murder location, and have found some of the tools thought to have been used to kill the engineer.

According to the DCI, the murder weapons were discovered hidden in the master bedroom.

The deceased, according to police, was killed in his own home before having his body dumped three kilometers from the scene of the crime.