Kazi Mtaani Youths To Be Paid On Wednesday

Kenyan youths who took part in the Kazi Mtaani Programme will on Wednesday, March 31 have money in their accounts after the State promised to finalise their payments.

Kazi Mtaani Youths To Be Paid On Wednesday

In a statement on Tuesday, March 30, the Principal Secretary of Housing and Urban Development apologized for the delay despite the Ministry of Treasury having set aside Ksh7 billion for the exercise. He further added that to all cohort A Kazi Mtaani youths their payments are being processed and should be paid latest tomorrow and he apologized for the delay.

This comes after complaints from the youths who participated in the nationwide exercise decrying that they had gone for months without pay whereas the CS Treasury had approved the allocation in mid-February. The allocation was to be paid to 280,000 youths who signed up for the Kazi Mtaani Programme.

In the allocation Ksh1 billion was to be used to pay the youths who had participated in the exercise but had not been paid for months whereas the other Ksh6 billion was to be used to commission other new youth workers into the program.

This program currently employs 280,000 individuals in 900 informal settlements across the country and was initiated in April 2020 aimed at helping youths who had lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic with each person earning Ksh560 while supervisors made Ksh505.