Governor Waiguru Reveals Her Cute Nickname

Speaking during an interview with a media house in Kenya, Kirinyaga governor, Anne Waiguru has revealed a cute name that most of her family members and friends call her.

Governor Waiguru Reveals Her Cute Nickname

Waiguru revealed that besides her political career taking the best part of her life, her personal life was one of the most important parts of her life that she treasured. Waiguru revealed that most of her friends called her 'Hunny'. 

According to her, she got the name 'Hunny' during her period at the University where her schoolmates created it. She also revealed that some of her friends referred to her by her first name Anne.

"Waiguru is just my political moniker. Even my friends at home don't call me that. I have a nickname and it's 'Hunny' which I got from university. Some of them also just use my first name instead," she stated.

She also stated that besides being a politician as many Kenyans know her, she is also a mother, a sister, and a wife.

"I am a wife a mother a sister a friend to many and a politician," she stated.

Anne Waiguru & her family. PHOTO FILE

Waiguru stated that she has worked hard to keep her friends, recognizing that politics is fleeting. Some of her friends, she claims, are from high school, while others she has met through her political career.

“I have the same friends, I have got my friend for very many years, my closest friends have been with me since high school my best friend was my deskmate in Form 1 when I was 17,” Waiguru stated.

“I have time for them, so I am just the same person because politics comes to an end and is not permanent but life is permanent so I try as much as possible to keep my life going as normally as possible," Kirinyaga governor added.