Governors Cry To the Treasury

The council of Governors calls out to the treasury over delayed disbursment

Governors Cry To the Treasury
Ann Waiguru, CoG Chair

The Council of Governors Chairperson, Ann Waiguru decries to the treasury over delayed disburment saying that couties have not recieved a coin for December 2022 to February this year. 

Waiguru has written a letter to the Treasury Cabinet Secretary Njuguna Ndung`u quoting the balances of Equitable Shares to County Governments at Ksh.92.5 billion.

On the letter, Waiguru  states that the delays has jeopardized county operations , rendered the counties unable to pay salaries, suppliers or continue to offer essential services to citizens. She warns CS Ndung`u that further delays may, "leave counties in precarious positions not desirable of a government." 

The Treasury is supposed to allocate Ksh.29.6 billion for December 2022, Ksh.31.45 billion for January and Ksh.31.45 billon for February across all the 47 counties according to the Council of Chair chair