HELB Resolves to Debt Collectors to Recover Loans

The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) has turned to debt collectors to recover the money owed by HELB defaulters.

HELB Resolves to Debt Collectors to Recover Loans

According to a notice obtained the board asked qualified companies with a solid reputation to submit applications for debt collection services.

It was advised that potential bidders visit the procurement office on the 18th floor of Anniversary Towers during regular business hours to learn more and review the tender materials.

They were also asked to visit the website to examine and obtain the appropriate detailed tender advertisements and tender papers.

In order to participate in the tender process, interested parties must email HELB with their contact information so that they can be notified if there are any additional agendas.

"All bidders interested in participating in the tender must notify HELB of their participation in the tender by emailing their contact details to procurement@helb.co.ke in case of any further addendum," read part of the notice

The deadline for participation has been set at 11 am on November 9, 2022.