Here is What the Shape of Your Nails Means about You

The shape of nails is always different depending on the particular person including their character.

Here is What the Shape of Your Nails Means about You

Below are the deep secrets you need to know about what the shape of your nails means to your life.

1.Broad and long nails: These types of nails mean that you’re such a person who can say anything that comes to your mind. Besides, you are calm in tough situations and detail-oriented.

These nails also mean that you love meeting new people in your life.

2.Square nails: These however mean that you are an impatient person but a quick thinker.

Besides, you also don't like wasting money.

3.Long and narrow Nails: This means you’re a sociable type of person. You love romance and don't like staying indoors or ruther in one place.

You`re also organized and have an eye for beautiful things and attractive kinds of stuff.

4.Short and small: Well, if at all you possess such nails then this is what it says about you. This means that You get excited easily and also an impatient and a deep thinker person

5. Tall rectangular Nails: You are independent and goal-oriented