Here is What You Must Do Every Monday to Have a Productive Week

Monday is always very important because it sets the tone for your week. What you do on Monday, therefore, has a great influence on your week’s productivity. Try these tips every Monday to start off your week in a healthier way.

Here is What You Must Do Every Monday to Have a Productive Week
  1. Make your Monday To-do List on a Friday

If you start the week without this list, you`ll have to brainstorm on Monday morning about the lingering projects from last week, which could be tough when you`re sluggish. With this list waiting on Monday, you may be more productive and have an easier time focusing.

  1. Follow the One-hour Rule

Initially, it was thought that weekend recovery sleep was sufficient to pay back sleep debt, says Annise Wilson, MD, assistant professor of neurology and sleep medicine at Baylor College of Medicine.  At the very least, says Wilson, try not to go to bed or wake up more than an hour past your normal times, and if you need to nap, a brief snooze (under 30 minutes) in the early afternoon should help you avoid grogginess and disrupted nighttime sleep.

  1. Reconsider Breakfast

Eating a satisfying and balanced breakfast will allow you to hear appropriate hunger and fullness signals throughout the day,” says nutrition therapist Elyse Resch, RDN, co-author of Intuitive Eating and author of The Intuitive Eating Workbook for Teens.  Wait until you do, and then eat breakfast, says Resch.  When you eat, aim to get about 15 to 25 percent of your total calories (between 300 and 500 calories for women) from that meal, says review author Charles Spence, Ph.D., professor of experimental psychology at the University of Oxford.  Sipping decaf, smelling coffee, or even just thinking about coffee can be enough to give you a boost, notes Spence.

  1. Wear A feel-good Outfit

Better yet, pick out your outfit the night before so you avoid a wardrobe crisis Monday morning, says Ettus.

  1. Seek Natural Light

Perking up your morning is probably as easy as getting a dose of herbal mild. Try establishing the shades, ingesting breakfast out of doors, watering your vegetable garden, or taking a walk. “Light is sort of a cup of coffee. It has an acute alerting effect,” says Mariana Figueiro, Ph.D., professor, and director of the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. Plus, being out in nature, even for 5 minutes, can come up with a happiness high, in step with 2018 have a look at the Journal of Positive Psychology. Can`t get out of doors in the morning? Change the mild for your indoor area to embellish matters up, flow your pc toward a window, or paint your partitions an extra brilliant color.

  1. Create a Morning Ritual

Tap into that extra-skip-in-your-step feeling by adopting a morning ritual—an activity or habit (preferably a healthy one) that puts you in a good mood and that you look forward to.  For instance, you might brew a really good cup of tea, go to your favorite exercise class, or green your commute by biking to work or meditating.

  1. Plan For Fun

Regardless of the activity, just thinking about the good times in store for you later in the week will be an instant pick-me-up, says Ettus.

  1. Do a Random Act of Kindness

Put positive energy into the world and you`ll get it back, research confirms: Performing acts of kindness for seven days boosted happiness and well-being, found a 2018 study in the Journal of Social Psychology.  As you start your day, look for ways to perform a random act of kindness, whether for a coworker, your neighbor, or a stranger.

  1. Listen to Music

Music boosts your self-assurance and pep you up. It provides attraction and gaiety to your life. Moreover, it'll extrude your expression. Listening to mild tracks even as touring to paintings soothes your thoughts and soul.