Here is Why Ladies Have This Dark Line on Their Stomach

Normally when ladies become pregnant they tend to develop the dark line known as linea nigra on their stomach

Here is Why Ladies Have This Dark Line on Their Stomach

This usually occur on month 4 or 5 of their pregnancy. It should be understood that it develops in not only on pregnant ladies but also it can appear on men and also normal ladies. Here is the reason why it appears.

First of all, it should be noted that the line normally appears vertically on the stomach. Many times its said that it develops during pregnancy. Initially it may not be seen but it slowly becomes visible as times goes by.

Here is why you may not be pregnant but still it develops.

It has been revealed that when hormone estrogen and progesterone merge they results in the formation of a pigment called melanin which is the cause of dark skin in many people. The more the melanin the darker the skin appears and that’s generally how the dark line comes about.

Additionally, it’s said that it’s also caused by pills meant for controlling pregnancy and this explains why normal ladies who are not pregnant also have the line. Moreover, when you are so much exposed to direct sunlight you have high chances of having the line on your belly especially if you have it laid bare. This is mainly because the sunlight causes production of melanin in the body which causes the dark line.

This is how the line disappears.

People need to know that the line it’s not harmful in anyway. It normally goes away on its own by becoming lighter in color then invisible, though you should know it may come from time to time.