Heroin hidden in calabashes by the DCI

DCI's Anti-Narcotics detectives based at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi have seized 630 grams of heroin concealed in calabashes, destined for Canada.

Heroin hidden in calabashes by the DCI

Acting on information from DHL security on a suspicious consignment dupped African calabash destined for Canada from Nairobi, the ANU officers moved with speed, confiscating the creamish powdery substance. 

After a verification procedure, the substance had tested positive for heroin, which was then released to the detectives for safe custody as the pursuit for the drug racket involved was launched.

The DCI has been acting in overdrive, seizing drugs at the country's prime gateway in their quest to eradicate the drug trafficking rings in Kenya.

On Wednesday 13th  ANU officers seized a cache of narcotics concealed in two shipments. One of the shipments that were destined for Australia from Kenya had been declared as African traditional earrings, which would easily pass off as just 168 pairs of earrings.

However, the police officers noticed something unusual about the earrings and after probing them, they discovered a yellow powdery substance cleverly concealed within the ornaments. The powder was subjected to tests soon afterward and was positively identified as morphine. The detectives opened the consignment and recovered the 12 declared dresses and an additional 199 buttons. 

"Upon deeper inspection, they were awed to find a white powdered substance shrewdly hidden within the buttons," the statement read in part.