HIV victims to wait longer for ARVs

HIV patients to wait for not less than three months for the ARVs for the country is experiencing shortages.

HIV victims to wait longer for ARVs
Susan Mocha he, Health Principal Secretary

HIV victims to wait longer for the distribution of ARVs for a period of not less than three months.

The ministry of health has said that Kenya Medical Supplies Authority, KEMSA, has been ordered to procure 1.4 million packets of ARV tablets worth lasting for three months to cater for the needs of each patient.

However, since the country is experiencing ARV shortages, and the medical facilities are currently in possession of drugs worth lasting a month, the process is feared to lake long.

 The health principal secretary, Susan Mochache, noted that the patients need to be given a one- month package of the drugs until the country resumes normalcy enabling the victims to access three to six months dosage.

“As a mitigation measure, the Ministry of Health requested KEMSA to expedite deliveries of 1,320,000 packs of 90-day drugs of the first line ARV procured by Global Fund and counterpart funding 93,000 90-day packs,” said Mochache.