Holy Ink?

Free -of- Charge tattoo session for Catholics in Australia

Holy Ink?

Believers in Australia have gone further than 'against' beliefs by tattooing their hands, "In God`s Hands" . The tattoo sassions are offered for free.  Surprisingly, the activity was led by Australia`s leading group which represents Catholic nuns and monks.

According to the director of Quo Vadis, Christopher Paul Campbel, he thinks that tattooing is one way that people express themselves and that the church should accept the mode of communication. 

Believers are continually leaving the church, hitting a record of 91,000 last year. Catholic church is the most dominant in the Alpine EU, with at least half of the population, accumulating 9Million people. 

The tattoo artist had his needles blessed on a mass, a day befor the free service. Those who were willing to get tattooed had to choose their art, including a cross and fish. 

The move has steered mixed reactions from both believers and non-believers.