Home Remedies for Babies with Cold and Flu

Cold season is here, and it's scary for new parents when their baby contact Cold and Flu for the first time. Everything is perfect and all of a sudden the baby has flu and you feel powerless.

Home Remedies for Babies with Cold and Flu
A baby with cold sleeping photo courtesy

Some symptoms of cold are fever, cough, sneezing, red eyes, runny nose, and difficulty going to sleep.

Here are home remedies for Cold

Breastfeed as often as you Can

When your baby has a cold, it keeps them hydrated and when the baby is congested they may not breathe too well. Breast milk has tons of antibodies that help cure colds.

Use Humidifier or wet sheet

When you put the humidifier in their room the steamy air will help clear out the nasal congestion.

Putting moisture in their air will help thin the mucus, therefore, easing congestion if you don't have a humidifier hang a wet sheet in the room to add moisture into the air.

Take Lukewarm Bath

Warm moist air help with their breathing but also help their fever if they have one.

Facial massage

A great way to relieve some pressure for nasal blockage for your baby is to give them a gentle massage. This will not help with pressure but hopefully squeeze out any flu that has stuck in there.