Homicide, not a Suicide, DCI says.

Homicide, not a Suicide, DCI says.
the window with narrow frames
Homicide, not a Suicide, DCI says.

After days of preliminary investigations that were started by the Kasarani police officers and later taken over by the DCI, a report has been released. The DCI took over the case after the insistence of the public, under the Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki directive.

The DCI officers in charge have said that the cause of death of the 21-year-old interior designer, Jeff Mwathi, who met his death in the home of a local celebrity, Dj Fatxo, is not suicide as earlier sources had said. It was due to a fight that culminated with the young man being thrown off to fall ten floors below the apartment.

The DCI has further said that an investigation into what is now a homicide will move on to the second phase. This is after coming to the conclusion that the window from which the deceased is said to have jumped out from, has narrow frames making it impalusible.

The DCI boss, Mohamed Amin, has stated that the evidence gathered and collected is enough to move them to the next stage.

Each one of the five people present in that house the day of the incident will be questioned and interrogated. These include three girls, Dj Fatxo and his cousin.

The police officers who responded to the call and were first to examine the scene and start the investigations, will also be questioned so as the truth can be revealed on exactly what happened on that fateful night.

It has been days of netizens crying for justice to be served and the people responsible for the loss of that life to be brought to justice. 

The hashtag #justiceforjeff has been making rounds on various social media platforms.

The public can only wait and hope that the guilty party is aligned in court and sentenced. After weeks of mourning, maybe the family will find closure when the law finds and punishes those responsible for the death of their son.