How A Rogue Conductor Caused An Accident Before Escaping

How A Rogue Conductor Caused An Accident Before Escaping

Rogue Conductor Escapes After Crashing A Matatu

Tragedy in Imenti Central, Meru County. A rogue conductor has run way after crashing a Matatu.

According to officers' report, the conductor lost control of the wheel and hit a tree before escaping from the scene.

Narrating the scene;

The driver of the Matatu parked it in Meru after driving from Nairobi. But the conductor took it without his knowledge and ended up crashing it.

So far, the Matatu driver has reacted to these allegations.

According to him,

"His conductor took the vehicle plus his phone without his knowledge. But he later noticed and tried to call the conductor."

Upon calling the conductor, he learned that the he got involved in an accident.

Luckily, no one was injured despite of the Matatu being seriously 'wrecked' on one side.

Note; reports also states the conductor was driving to Gikumene to pick up his girlfriend.

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