How can you talk to someone you fancy

If you have an office crush or a new neighbor and you want them to notice you. Here are a few tips;

How can you talk to someone you fancy

1. Rehearse what to say if you're nervous

 It can be scary to start up a conversation with your crush. It may feel silly to you, but many are people find rehearsing what to say ahead of time can help. If you're unsure how to approach your crush, stand in front of the mirror in your home and practice. I know it can be super scary, but sometimes you just have to make the first move. You can't expect your crush to read your mind and figure out on their own that you're majorly crushing.

2. Find out what your crush is passionate about

 Find out what they care about. There is nothing that makes me more attracted to my crush than seeing them light up over a cause or hobby that they’re truly passionate about. Asking questions about what is important to them will not only make you feel closer to them but will also help you understand what type of person they are.

3. Ask for help

The easiest way to chat up a crush is by asking them for help. If you notice your crush standing nearby, pretend like you’re looking for something, a book or a particular person. Look around dramatically and impatiently, and pretend like you’re almost panicking because you’re already late for something. This especially works if you are a woman men love to come to your rescue.