How David Awuor Allegedly 'Conned' Woman A Multi-billion House

The family of Jayne Muthoni once accused the contentious " David Awuor and his Repentance and Holiness Ministry of taking multiple-story apartments along posh Rhapta Road in Westlands and the quiet neighborhood of Riverside Drive by force.

How David Awuor Allegedly 'Conned' Woman A Multi-billion House

According to the family, Lilly Njage, a disciple of Owuor, was forced into becoming a co-director of Shaba Investment Limited, the registered owner of the apartments, by the prophet and prominent bishops in his church.

The Star reports that when Muthoni gave Njage permission to oversee her multimillion-shilling property that is under the prophet's authority, her relatives alleged she was not of sound mind.

The Dove Court Apartments are situated in Westlands' affluent Rhapta Road and lush Riverside Drive neighborhood. In addition to the presidential suite, the court features two blocks (A and B). There are four levels of completely furnished flats in the two four-story buildings.

The apartments are reportedly valued at Sh2 billion, according to Muthoni's brother Duncan Njagi.

If renters occupy both blocks entirely, there will be a rental revenue of between Sh2 and Sh3 million. There are about four CCTV cameras outside the blocks, carefully placed throughout the court.