How Do I Know My Friends Are Fake?

How to Identify Fake Friends And What To Do With Them

How Do I Know My Friends Are Fake?
How to Avoid Toxic Friends

Friendship is a zone that everyone needs to be at ease and free. A good and reliable friendship is made up of fewer people but to others, the more the merrier. According to experts, each member of a friendship group has a role that they play. For instance, there is one that is the energy, one is the joker, one is the 'fun' part of the group and the list continues.

Though many escape the discussion, frienship should be based on how much you help each other to grow. If you find that in your cycle of friends the only discussion you are having is about fun and never planning for the future, then you should think twice. Most people cling on to friendships that are toxic and unbeneficial because they want to fit in, or belong. 

'Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are' is a saying commonly used to warn against involving yourself with the wrong set of friends. But how do you know your friends are the wrong ones, and how do you avoid them?

They distract you from planning your future. Once a friend keeps telling you things like ' you are too young', or 'you still have time', they are dragging you behind. To deal with such is to do what you do best and go on with your plans, those who see the value of being ahead will catch up later.

They keep secrets from you. If you come to find out that your friend(s) did something or made plans without you, are they even friends? 'If they wanted to they would,' or so they say. If you matter in your friend zone, then nothing should go past you.

They only involve you in particullar deals. Some friends will only get you involved in particular matters, like spending, where you will pay, or places that they will benefit from your presence. This kind is mostly seen in influencers, where they are used for likes or viewership.

Do you fit in to the group? A friend group chemistry should sell out automatically. If you find out that you miss out of some of the things from your group, or you are always out of topic, or even trying to understand what they are talking about, you could be 'the black sheep' of the group and maybe you are just there because of pitty. being the third wheel in a group mostly happens when your close friend joins with another group and since you cannot live withot them, you decide to fix yourself. At all costs, you will never be of value to the group, which in return, you will be 'used' for you to feel as part of the group. 

Having no friend is not a death sentence and eventhough it is advised that everyone should have a friend, make sure you are compatible. Your self esteem and dignity is always upheld by those you call friends. They can either mould or destroy you.