How Pastor Dorcas Rigathi Met Her Life Partner, DP Gachagua

During an interview with a Kenyan media personality, Pastor Dorcas Rigathi revealed how she met the love of her life, Deputy President Rigathi Chagua, at a time when she was ready to give up on life.

How Pastor Dorcas Rigathi Met Her Life Partner, DP Gachagua

Pastor Dorcas started by narrating how their meeting began when she reached a point where she was ready to commit suicide. She recalled when she had used allowance money from school to buy a gas cooker for her mother.

In the event, there was a gas explosion witnessed at her mother's house where two children got hurt. Her mother was then blamed for causing the incident.

Following the event, Pastor Dorcas felt that she could take her life as to what she caused her family.

“On that day, I was wondering why I had done all these things for my mother instead of using the money for something else. She was crying because of it and I felt like I wanted to die,” Pastor Dorcas stated.

After the incident, her friend invited her to Kabarnet Gardens, Nairobi where the late President Daniel Moi had a function. Pastor Dorcas recalled meeting DP Rigathi as a man who was writing down the names of the attendees at the event.

She recalled DP Rigathi dressed in a brown suit and brown striped ties on that day but she was interested in him as his aim was to meet the late President so that she could get help.

She revealed that at the moment, she saw an opportunity where she was ready to meet her death and so she threw herself at the late President as she wanted to be shot by his bodyguards to end her life.

“I saw an opportunity of meeting President Moi and so I threw myself at him wanting to be shot [by his security] and to end my life,” she stated.

When the late President Moi saw me running towards him he promised to meet her so she could share her issues. She stated that the late President's team came for her at Kenyatta University and took her to the State House to meet him.

“They came for me at Kenyatta University and took me to State House where he gave me great lessons about life. He was like a father to me, he gave me my sense of life and dignity,” Dorcas stated.

During one of her many meetings with President Moi, she met and began dating her now-husband, DP Gachagua.

Dorcas claimed that her husband pursued her for a long time despite her attempts to avoid him. When asked how he won her heart, Pastor Dorcas stated that her husband is very hardworking, aggressive, and most importantly, her heart melted when she saw how he cared for her mother.

The two later got married in 1989 and are blessed with two sons, Kelvin (a software engineer) and Keith (a medical doctor).

DP Gachagua & his wife Pastor Dorcas Rigathi during his graduation. PHOTO FILE