How Rally Driver Asad Khan Faced His Death Twice After Assault by Maxine

Rally Driver Asad Khan's brother, Adil has come out to reveal the tragedy that befell his brother following his assault by his lover, Maxine Wahome early this month.

How Rally Driver Asad Khan Faced His Death Twice After Assault by Maxine

Adil confessed about his brother facing his death twice after being rushed to hospital following the incident. He also revealed that his brother was taken to the hospital by strangers after which a nurse reached out to him and told him that his brother had a cardiac arrest.

The nurse stated that his brother was on a machine and that the doctors where attempting to save him. According to the doctors, Khan's cut on the leg was not bleeding.

"They brought him back. They did not know why he had the cardiac arrest. He had no blood and there was none leaking from the cut on his leg," he revealed.

 As soon as the doctors started his blood transfussion, Khan's leg started oozing blood again. During the process, Khan experienced another cardiac arrest and the doctors had to rescue him.

"During that process again he had another cardiac arrest, the second time. Again, they revived him as the blood was going in," he stated.

According to Adil, doctors at Nairobi Hospital said there was no A+ blood. Asad was transferred to Avenue Hospital at this point. Following his admission, his family launched a blood drive. Asad was admitted to Avenue Hospital with a punctured lung on the right side.

"I had not seen my brother at close range. He was beaten on his head on top of his eye. He also had scratch marks on top of his head and on his neck," Adil revealed.

The doctors, according to Adil, demanded a letter of consent to drain fluid from Asad's chest, which was suspected to be caused by a puncture to his right lung. Adil did not want to, but circumstances forced him to.

"The procedure started but then they found out his liver, kidney and pancreas had failed," he said.