How to Bake Glazed Raspberry Lemon Cookies

These raspberry lemon cookies are the perfect balance of sweet, zesty, and tangy; loaded with juicy raspberry pieces and lemon flavor topped off with a simple lemon sugar glaze.

How to Bake Glazed Raspberry Lemon Cookies
How to Bake Glazed Raspberry Lemon Cookies

Lemon juice, lemon zest, and frozen raspberries are all mixed into a basic vanilla sugar cookie batter to create these extremely delicious Lemon Raspberry Cookies. After completely cooling on a wire rack, the cookies are then drizzled with a tart lemon sugar glaze.

In pastry, lemon and berries are regarded as a superb complement just as chocolate and vanilla. Raspberries create a wonderful flavor on their own but lemon with its tangy flavor gives a twist to the pastries.

Lemon masks the taste of the sugar while enhancing the flavor of the berries. This is what makes the flavor combination of lemon and raspberry so exceptional, energizing, and irresistible. The lemon and blueberry flavor has been witnessed in puddings, jams, bread, pies, cakes, sorbets, and even lemonades.

Tips for making raspberry lemon cookies

Avoid using too many raspberries as they will add too much wetness to the cookie dough.

Frozen raspberries contribute to the dough's minimal discoloration, giving the cookies lovely red color streaks.

Allow the cookies to brown a bit on the edges and bottom to show they are well cooked. The top of the cookies must seem matte and dry.

Use fresh lemons when making these cookies as they enhance the flavor.

You can scatter some chopped nuts and a raspberry on top of the wet lemon glaze for a delicate and beautiful look to the cookie.

You can also add some white chocolate chips or semi-sweet chocolates to the dough to make the raspberry lemon cookies richer in taste.

If you have leftover cookies, you can keep them fresh for 3-4 days in an airtight container at room temperature. You can also freeze them for up to three months.