How to Know An Abused Child from Age 0-5

Child abuse is a term that honestly sounds new to many it may include any act or failure to act by a parent or a caregiver that results in actual or potential harm to a child and can occur in a child's home.

How to Know An Abused Child from Age 0-5

There are different forms of child abuse they are as follows:

 1. Physical abuse
2. Neglect
3. Sexual abuse
4. Emotional abuse.
Additionally, many States identify abandonment, parental substance use, and human trafficking as abuse or neglect.
As a parent, the following are ways you can be able to know that your child has been abused or is being abused.
1. Physical Abuse: This normally happens when a child is hit or otherwise injured, such as by their parents or a daycare provider.
The following are signs that can tell you that your child is being abused by their caregiver or guardian: It may occur when you come home with wounds, bruises, bite marks, fractured bones, black eyes, abrasions, burns, or other injuries that are not immediately apparent. Any form of repeated injury can be a red flag.
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Alterations in their typically cheerful or furious demeanor, or the possibility that they appear terrified of their parents or other adults.
Sexual Abuse: This occurs when a youngster is forced to commit a sexual act on someone else or when one is performed on them. For example, refrain from touching a child's private parts.
The following are signs that will show you that your child has been sexually abused:
  • Have pain, itching, bleeding, or bruises in or around the genital area.

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  • Have difficulty walking or sitting, possibly because of genital or anal pain.
  • Suffer from urinary tract infections
  • Be reluctant to take off his coat or sweater, even on a hot day, or insist on wearing multiple undergarments.

Emotional Abuse: When a parent treats their child in a way that makes them feel unloved or unworthy, their child's typical growth, learning, or behavior is negatively impacted. This could involve making the youngster feel unwelcome, repeatedly blaming them, or condemning them harshly.

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Signs are as Follows

  • Become less talkative or stop communicating almost completely, or display signs of a speech disorder such as stuttering.
  • Act inappropriately adult or infantile. For example, a toddler may either become overly protective and “parental” toward other children, or revert to rocking and head banging.

Shaken Baby Syndrome: When a baby is handled excessively roughly or with force, it is considered to be child abuse.

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The most typical method that a small child suffers a catastrophic brain injury or passes away as a result of abuse is in this fashion.