How to Know Your Partner's Texting Patterns

In modern dating, communication happens to be the center of every relationship that we have. For any relationship to thrive, ensure that communication and understanding of each other are key when passing across the information.

How to Know Your Partner's Texting Patterns
Couples texting

Most partners today use this as a way to strengthen their relationships with their partners and to also get a good understanding of their partners. Texting involves composing and sending a message electronically to someone.

There are different types of ways that you can text your partners. Similarly, you have probably come across how different type of people does their texting.

On a psychological level, receiving a text message causes dopamine to be released, leaving us feeling good.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is produced in the brain. Dopamine is responsible for your feelings of pleasure, satisfaction, and motivation.

Text messages from your significant other can cause even more dopamine release in a relationship.


There are different categories of texters that you need to know.

The novelist

This is a type of texter that would send you a text containing many details or information as a way to express themselves. Novelists tend to send long paragraphed messages and if you’re not careful and keen, you might fail to understand what they are really meaning.

Before hitting the send button, they always go through the whole text message and try to proofread and correct any mistakes made on the message.

Sometimes, you might find that these novelists are not good at expressing themselves face-to-face with their partners and are more perfect at texting.

When in a relationship with such a partner, you should ensure that you get to know and understand such a type of partner. This will prevent you from having conflicts with him/ her.


The emoji texters

These types of texters are the ones that mostly communicate by the use of emojis in their messages when communicating with their partners.

You probably have met this type of texter. They tend to use an emoji in every text message that they send to you. This type of partner also needs to be well understood as at times when you reply to their messages without an emoji, they tend to get the wrong misinterpretation of the message.

Emoji texters. PHOTO FILE

Emoji texters use emojis in their messages to set a certain tone of what they are trying to communicate. When dating such partners, you need to understand and know how to deal with them.


The multi- texter

The multi-texter is one who tends to send very many messages. At times this happens because he/ she has forgotten about what she was supposed to say but later remembers it.

When in a relationship, you might wonder why your partner is sending several messages continuously. In modern dating especially, some ladies use this type of texting and you need to understand and know how to respond to them.

Some of them will want that you respond to every text message sent and some men, tend to be simple and probably give one response to the whole of the text messages sent to them.

Sometimes also, sending many messages can be a way of showing emotions, whether someone is happy or sad.


The short and precise texter

These types of texters are individuals who send text messages that are short and direct to the point. They avoid sending long paragraphs and also try to beat about the bush on what they are saying.

When dating such types of partners, you also need to understand them as they tend to send clear messages and avoid drama in their conversations.


They don't add fluff to their texts, and chances are they talk the same way in person. There's nothing wrong with that, though it may make some people feel uneasy.


Boring texter

This type of texter is not active when it comes to messaging. Most of the time, they tend to use one word when texting. When dating such partners, you need to understand and know their habits.


This type of person sometimes might be active when having face-to-face conversations but when it comes to texting, they tend to be less active.


Understanding your partner’s texting habits and interpreting them well will help you know how to handle them. This will also strengthen your relationship and help you know what to do next. Texting is a very important tool in relationships and you should not ignore even the slightest mistakes that you may come across in your partner.