Huge Demonstration in Nairobi CBD as citizens Demand Lockdown Withdrawal {VIDEO}

A huge demonstration is currently being experienced in Nairobi central business district as a section of citizens take to the street demanding the lifting of lockdown.

According to the citizens who are currently holding a peaceful demonstration, they want president Uhuru Kenyatta to unlock the country and allow them to continue with their normal businesses.

This demonstration comes barely a week after President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday 26 placed 5 counties under lockdown saying that the counties were referred to as hot zoned areas for the deadly coronavirus.

The five counties that were placed under lockdown are Nairobi, Kajiado, Machakos, Nakuru, and Kiambu.

However, Kenyans in the hot zoned areas have identified escaping routes { Panya routes } leading them from one county to another.

President Uhuru Kenyatta Photo Courtesy

This is how people from zoned areas have been invading the barriers erected by the police on different areas, for instance, since people from Meru, Embu, Kirinyaga, Muranga, and all other travellers who use the Meru highway have been barred at Blue post area in Thika, Drivers are now using the new bypass connecting the Meru highway to Garissa road, Gatiiguru region of Kiambu county.

On the other hand, another barrier is set at the Gatiiguru area where motorists make their U-turn to a rough road at Delmonte to connect Kilimambogo after which they proceed to Thika and Nairobi.

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Another escaping route that travellers use is After Kinungi where travellers from Kisii, Western, and Nyanza region are taking advantage of the hilly Naivasha route to connect Kiambia in Kiambu county and finally make their way to Nairobi.

Elsewhere in Mombasa road, it is blocked right after Konza city, here Motorists are using the Mbuani Machakos route and later reconnect to Mombasa road at Kyumbi region, moving freely to Nairobi.