"I jumped out of the fence ...." Samidoh Shares

Samidoh was once expelled from NYS after sneaking the training school in Gilgil to participate in administration police service recruitment in Nyandarua. Unfortunately he did not join and ended up being expelled from NYS.

"I jumped out of the fence ...." Samidoh Shares
Churchill interviewing Samidoh

For the first time Samuel Muchoki, popularly known as Samidoh has shared his story of being expelled from the National Youth Service.

His fans love him for his vernacular songs. During a recent interview by Churchill (Daniel Ndambuki); he revealed that he had once jumped out of the fence of the NYS Training School in Gilgil with hopes of being recruited in the Administration Police. Unfortunately, the recruitment drive that was taking place in Ol Joro Orok, Nyandarua County did not approve him.

“Unfortunately I was not selected to join and had to go back to NYS. I found out they had already noticed my disappearance but they did not make a big deal out of it, I was just expelled,” Samidoh.

He went back home and looked for employment at a flower farm with the help of the local District CCommissioner. Samidoh was lucky to be offered a data entry clerk post and used the money to pursue a diploma course. However, this did not quench his zeal to join the disciplined services and he tried his luck in the Kenya Defence Forces recruitment and was rejected for his slender body.

His third attempt did not disappoint and he was selected to join the Administration Police service .He still serves in the police service as a reminder of his humble beginnings. 

In the past interview after his scandal with Nairobi politician Karen Nyamu, Samidoh said that he had to accept his mistakes and that his wife had helped him overcome tough times through prayer.

“I had to own up to my mistakes so I could start healing. I would have pretended that I don’t care but deep down I felt I needed to do the right thing," he said.