"I'm Now Covid-19 Free," Says ODM Communication Boss Etale

Etale was found Covid-19 positive, after he decided to be tested when owing to his close interactions with Raila Odinga who had contracted the virus.

"I'm Now Covid-19 Free," Says ODM Communication Boss Etale
Philip Etale in a past photo with the ODM party boss Raila Odinga. [Photo/ Courtesy]

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Communication director Philip Etale on Sunday announced that he had recovered from the Covid-19.

Taking to Twitter, Etale told his social media fans that he will remain offline for a while. According to Etale, being away from social media was part of his recovery journey.

Etale further thanked all who stood with him while he was nursing the pandemic. He was glad how thousands of quick recovery messages flocked his inbox from concerned persons.

Etale reportedly tested positive for Covid-19 on March 13, a day after his party boss Raila Odinga announced having the virus too.

Etale could not hide his joy for recovering from the pandemic that has continued robbing lives for notable persons.

The latest public figure to succumb to the pandemic is the Kericho deputy governor Ms. Susan Kikwai. Ms. Kikwai died on Saturday (yesterday), after having been in hospital for a fortnight.