I'm Still the LSK President, Maintains Ousted Havi

Havi was ousted on Monday by a team of eight council members, who had been suspended by the LSK before the High Court rescued them. Despite his ouster, Havi quickly responded maintaining that the team lacked powers to spit him out of office.

I'm Still the LSK President, Maintains Ousted Havi
Embattled LSK President Nelson Havi. [Photo/ Courtesy]

The Law Society of Kenya [LSK] President Nelson Havi has maintained that he continues to be the organ's boss, despite his recent ouster. The endless power wrangles among the LSK members escalated on Monday following lawyer Havi's ouster.

The ouster was occasioned through a vote by eight members, whom Havi himself stated that they lacked the mandate to perform any duty on behalf of the LSK.

"The eight suspended Council Members do not have the power to suspend President Nelson Havi," tweeted Havi in response to his ouster.

The eight members were suspended through a decision by the LSK members and which was reached during an annual general meeting held last month.

However, the High Court nullified their suspension, thus ascending on their boss Havi, by occasioning his ouster. The team is reportedly preparing an ouster motion to be presented to the members during the next meeting in March. 

Among other accusations, members have blasted Havi for going against the body's regulations and imposing his own. This relates to the 2020's stand-off that surrounded the LSK CEO, Ms. Mercy.

While the majority of the members voted towards her retention, Havi and a few others maintained that she must go.