In This Life

The passion and drive we have for our lives give us the passion to keep on fighting through every adversity because life was never meant to be a creamy ride.

In This Life
Photo credits: PS I love you

We play our games
We apply our own rules 
We fake it when need there be but mostly for fun
We jump the rope of life at any level, get knocked, and fall on our butts
Well, we tried!
We pat ourselves on the back
We tried anyway!
We grin and think about how to attack it again

We speak through colors for the sake of our self-esteem
We boost life in our ways 
Nothing makes us happy like swinging our imperfect selves around

We have fun doing the most
Sometimes we rub shoulders and scratch backs but we shake it off
Countable times do we get messed up and carry our heels in our hands ready for a run
All the time, anytime we let the wheel roll because this life is what it is anyway 

Amidst all the conflicts, we still try to find ourselves 
We still focus on bettering what we can
Believing that tomorrow will be here with us 
And that future is here with us to stay 
Sometimes we are the most sacred beings you will ever meet
Most of the time, we have this kind of courage that can bring down the walls of Jericho
But this life is what it is anyway

Face the beast
Face tomorrow
For today might be gone already 
But tomorrow is promised 
That it will bring on new tidings
Get dirty
Get muddy like the elephants of Tsavo
Get dirty fighting for your own life
Because this life...
This life is what it is anyway