Insecurity on the Rise In the Country As Police SSU Unit Goes Silent

Cases of insecurity have been on the  rise in the country  for past few weeks as Police Special Service Unit {SSU} goes silent.

Insecurity on the Rise In the Country As Police SSU Unit Goes Silent

In a recent occurence, that  happened on Wednesday 9th,evening around 6:54pm a motorist using the new Link Road Langata-Ngong Road driving through National Housing Corporation {NHC} flyover, had his windscreen shuttered with a stone.

A head of him a few meters, the road was barricaded with stones making him unable to pass through. Within seconds, four youths surrounded his vehicle demanding all valuables inside and before he could resist and try to turn around, he was stabbed twice, his phone snatched and laptop taken away.

However, the man  who was rescued by good samaritans on the road,is currenly recuperating from ayet to be identified Hospital in the country.

Apparently , the SSU unit which replaced Flying Squad disbanded by Kinoti in December 2019, had been responsible for the crackdown of armed hardcore criminals, motor vehicle thefts and kidnapping across the country.

The unit comprising about 20 specially trained officers, with its headquarters in Nairobi, was an intelligence driven operation entity deployed to areas with critical crime emergencies across the country such as Kibera slums, Dandora, Kayole and many other places.

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SSU Unit Squad on their Duty in 2020. PHOTO FILE

However, the Special Service Unit of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) was diabanded by president William Ruto on 24th October 2022 after it was linked to the cases of extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances of both citizens and foreign Nationals.

Earlier on this publication had reported that  some Nigerian nationals living in Kenya had disappeared without any trace in the East African country while some were extrajudicially killed by operatives of DCI in the country.

Notably, the head of state while explaining the reason behind the ban at a thanksgiving ceremony in Kericho County on October added  that the unit had been turned into a militia used to execute innocent people.

The president stated that the police squad was responsible for the unexplained death of citizens whose bodies were recovered from  River Yala in Kisumu County especially in teh months of July and Partly in August.