Inside Sonko`s Bedroom Wows Team Insomnia

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko`s beautiful bedroom design has left netizens talking.

Inside Sonko`s Bedroom Wows Team Insomnia

In his morning moves to have video chats with his followers, asking them to cover themselves with towels if they are in their bedrooms so that he can contact them as they provide their numbers, drew a lot of attention from most of his supporters.

As a result, his fans focused on his lovely bedroom, which features parallel shoe racks and a golden-colored table in the center.

"Team insomnia Good night. Today I'm very free as you retire to bed nani anataka nimpigie vindio or aundio call sai tuchapieni. Hebu give your number here and I will personally call you. If you want video sema video after your number kama ni aundio do the same. Kwa nyingi almost 2,500,000 followers hakuna cartel hapa so I will take the whole day kuchapiana na nyinyi leo coz nawapenda sana. Fans wote are welcomed.  Have a good day".Sonko Posted.

The Flamboyant former leader is known for his stylish designs from his attired to his bedroom.

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However, Sonko has been trending for days due to his recent expose in which he targeted Kenya`s Judiciary.

Sonko, in his, exposes stated that the Judiciary is rotten.