Is Foi Wambui Dating Luhya Heat?

Kenyans are now speculating that Foi Karanja Wambui, a Kenyan award-winning actress, is in a romantic relationship with Le Band's Captain, Fidel Shammah, also known as Charisma aka Luhya Heat.

Is Foi Wambui Dating Luhya Heat?

The two have been seen sharing light moments together and fans have come out to speculate that there is something going on between the two. The two have also been known to be very close as they have at some point gone for a vacation together.

A few hours ago, Foi shared on her Insta story a picture of luhya heat with a caption that raised eyebrows at what the two are up to.

"Spending the last day (before I disappear for a few weeks) doing errands w mandem. So happy. Me. Quality time," part of the caption read.

According to Foi, her best friend was in a meeting and she could not help but let him continue with his work.

"Lakini ako meeting. I want to fight it but we like monies," Foi stated.

Recently, during luhya heat's birthday, Foi took to her Instagram to wish him a happy birthday referring to him as her best friend.

"Happy +1 best friend. To living large, getting all the good things you deserve, making memories with the ones you love, and always being young at heart, hata kama wewe ni guka sasa," the caption read

Here are some of their photos that have left fans amazed at their kind of friendship. Although the two have not yet made it clear to be in a romantic relationship.

Foi Wambui & Luhya heat. INSTAGRAM

Foi Wambui & Luhya heat. INSTAGRAM

Foi Wambui & Luhya heat. INSTAGRAM

A few days ago, the content creator shared her happiness as she was for the first time nominated as the best-supporting actress in a TV drama at the Kalasha awards. She went ahead to ask her fans to support her by voting for her to be the best in the ongoing Kalasha nominations.

"I am honestly as excited as I was the 1st time I got a Kalasha nomination. I've been nominated as the best-supporting actress in a TV drama for my role as Bad B Arielle Mufasa on #salemtvseries. This one is special. Arielle is special. Lord knows how much I have put into this character in the last 10 months. It's such a blessing and an affirmation to be nominated, especially alongside some really brilliant women in the industry," Fois stated.

"So again, I come here to humbly ask... Please take a few minutes to vote for me. It would mean so much. Let's bring this home!" Foi added.