Is it normal gaining weight during your first work out?

This case is relative to many on their first experience at gym while trying to loose weight. Some say it's abnormal but the fact is this change is normal.

Is it normal gaining weight during your first work out?

You may have heard people asking whether it's a must to gain weight after the first workout  and whether running makes you fatter. Well it's good to know that it's not a must but it's normal to increase weight after workout. Exercises increase muscle mass; the weight of a mass is more than that of fats, this leads to the rising scale of weight.This can be frustrating, l understand. However, this should not worry you since muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue. Below are some tips to help you lose your weight and maintain wellness.


  • Alternate your exercise core movement. Don't over do one exercise.Try different workouts while standing, kneeling,on your back,on your stomach or split standing.
  • Be consistent in your exercise. Be disciplined to follow your workout schedule without skipping. Self motivation will also help you achieve this , never give up on losing weight. Weight loss requires continuous effort.
  • Have consistent healthy meals : This is the tip which most people fail to observe , especially when you out eat your running. Serve food in the right portions,take a bigger  portion of vegetables than proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Avoid sugary foods,they spike up your sugar levels and cause you to overeat. Examples of foods you ought to avoid are: white bread, cookies, pastries, candy bars , sugary drinks and fried potatoes. 
  • Instead of snacks you can take a fruit.

    • Stay hydrated: normalize taking water between meals, don't wait to feel thirsty. Drinking water helps flush out toxic materials from our bodies.
    • Have an accountable buddy to help you in your weight loss journey. Internet has made this easy , you can meet up with your coach via zoom especially during this pandemic. You can decide to download an app too.
    Let's keep fit and healthy during this pandemic.  You are what you eat everyday.