Is Kenya's Government on the Verge of Becoming Autocratic?

Is this greed? What seemed to come out as rumors is now making way for approval by a section of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) members of parliament who have now proposed that the president's term limit will be replaced with the age limit.

Is Kenya's Government on the Verge of Becoming Autocratic?
President William Ruto

As published in one of the newspapers in Kenya today, a UDA lawmaker has revealed that a section of the members are now working on a constitutional amendment bill where a president would not be limited by his/her working terms but by age limit. This means that Kenya's president might be out of office until when he/she is of age.

According to Fafi MP, Salah Yakub, the UDA lawmakers are working on an amendment bill where the president-elect will now sit in office up to the age of 75 years. Should this bill be passed in the parliament, the current president, William Ruto who is 55 years old will now be in office for the next 20 years to come. 

President William Ruto & Fafi MP, Salah Yakub. PHOTO FILE

It is unclear on the names of the UDA members that are working on the amendment bill. According to the Fafi MP, the discussion has already taken place and what is left is for the proposers to sit and draft the amendment bill and forward it to the Parliament for approval.

Speaking during a relief food distribution in Garissa recently, Fafi MP stated that if a president was performing well in office, he would be rewarded with more terms to work for Kenyans.

"We will come up with an amendment Bill to try to change this because we want the requirement to be on age limit and not terms. If a president is doing a good job, then he or she should not be limited by the terms," Fafi MP stated.

The current presidential term limits have been clearly stated in article 142 of the constitution where a president;

1. The President shall hold office for a term beginning on the date on which the President was sworn in, and ending when the person next elected President in accordance with Article 136 (2) (a) is sworn in.

2. A person shall not hold office as President for more than two terms.

This move has sparked a lot of reactions online with many stating that Kenyans will now be under dictatorship and not practice democracy.

Various leaders across the country have also stated their opinion. The national assembly minority whip Junet Mohammed has been seen to oppose the move stating that the current government should direct its energy towards providing the best life to Kenyans rather than coming up with many amendments which will affect the country's future.

"This is madness of Kenya Kwanza will come to an end very soon. They are talking about many things but once their minds settle, they will realize that they have work to do and stop all this monkey business they have been taking the country through in the last two months," Junet stated.

Kenya Kwanza's digital strategist, Dennis Itumbi has also come out to oppose the move stating that the move does not enjoy the signature of President William Ruto.