Israel Strikes Syria After Missile Attack

Israel military stated that a missile launched from Syria has struck Israel`s Negev desert region setting off air raid sirens near the country`s top-secret nuclear reactor.

Israel Strikes Syria After Missile Attack

Israel military radio stated that the blast near Dimona nuclear reactor was caused by a Syrian anti-aircraft missile that overflew its target.

Explosions were reported across Israel but details about what was destroyed was not reported and in response to the attack, Israel struck the missile launcher and other targets in neighbouring Syria. Syria indicated that its air defence system intercepted the Israeli attack which took place at around 01:38 local time targetting areas in the Damascus suburbs. The air defences luckily intercepted and downed most of the rockets.

Iran which maintains troops in Syria has rushed to accuse Israel of a series of attacks on its nuclear facilities including a recent attack at its Natanz nuclear facility and went ahead to promise revenge on Israel.

This incident comes amidst tensions between Iran and Israel where Israel accuses Iran of trying to develop nuclear weapons and has opposed US-led efforts to revive the international nuclear deal with Iran. Iran in its defense stated that the nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes only and even declared that Israel is widely known to have nuclear weapons programme in Dimona