JOBS: How to Improve Your Job Search

Finding the perfect job match for you is one of the most difficult tasks you can face when looking for work. Most of us have been disappointed by the fact that even after submitting multiple applications to various companies, you are unable to obtain the desired job position.

JOBS: How to Improve Your Job Search

To make this better. There are several factors to consider in order to find your ideal job match. This article will teach you how to meet your desired job match without any difficulty.

Improving your job search allows you to focus more of your energy on one aspect, allowing you to do it perfectly for better results. The following actions should be taken to

1. Update your profile

In most cases, when you are going to apply for a new job position, you need to update your profile. This enables your employer to be able to know the kind of person he/she is going to employ.

Updating your profile includes updating your social media pages since nowadays, most employers are interested in getting to know your life outside work.

Ensure that you have a strong online presence so that when an employer is looking for a person to hire, you can be among the people with qualified character for the job.

2. Getting in touch with your network

One of the ways to improve your job search is the use of the networks that you have. This includes your friends, family members, colleagues, and your neighbors among others. Network majorly entails the people that you know or have worked with in the past. 

This set of people might help you to get your desired job since you are more likely to interact with them on a daily basis. 

You can build and maintain your network online by spending some time connecting or reconnecting with people. Sometimes a short message is all that is required to start a conversation about where you are at work.

3. Write a well-written cover letter

A well-written cover letter can boost your chances of getting hired. It should be no more than one page long and should provide a summary of your skills, qualifications, and experience as they relate to the job description.

Sometimes the cover letter can land you into a job of your choice, especially when applying for a job online. A recruiter may come across it and contact you for an interview.

4. Setting your goals

Setting goals is one of the most effective ways to get where you want to go. Short-term and long-term goals can help you determine what you want from your job and then map out the next steps. Using a career planner can help you reflect on what motivates you, your strengths, and the industries and roles that interest you.

5. Consider volunteering

Volunteering is an excellent way to help those in need while also learning new skills and making new connections. This is one of the most difficult things that some people find it hard to do especially with the young generation. 

Volunteering always opens doors to bigger job positions after some time. It only requires patience, hard work, discipline, and consistency.

6. Get active on your LinkedIn 

If employers can't find you on LinkedIn, you're not a smart job seeker. Even if you've submitted your resume to an employer, they may still look at your LinkedIn profile. Not only should you create an account on this professional network, but you should also be more active in connecting with influential people, industry experts, and potential employers.

Job hunting can be a time-consuming, exhausting process. Putting these above strategies to use can help you strengthen your approach, boost your confidence, and get you on track to land your next role.

Here are job applications that you can apply for.

JOB 1: Sales Representative at Corporate Staffing

About Corporate Staffing

Corporate Staffing Services is a leading recruitment agency in Kenya providing complete recruitment services. In the last ten years, we have been partners with local and foreign businesses looking to hire Kenyan professionals. We have recruited diverse clients in different sectors and industries.

Essential Job Functions / Description 

  • You will work with customers from all around the world to provide the best products for their needs.
  • Work with customers and prospects over email, and phone.
  • Prepare product proposals.
  • Meet and exceed individual and team quotas.
  • Achieve daily call and email metrics set by the company.
  • Maintain accurate notes and records in internal systems.
  • Utilize programs such as Microsoft Office.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • University degree or equivalent experience.
  • 1+ years of sales experience (we love quota-driven sales experience).
  • Effective oral and written communication.
  • Able to use a computer effectively.
  • Competitive, persistent, goal-oriented nature.

Method of Application

Send your application to

JOB 2: Established Opinion Leaders (EOL) Specialist at the Embassy of The United States

About the Embassy of The United States

The Embassy of the United States of America to Kenya, located in Nairobi, is home to the diplomatic mission of the United States to the Republic of Kenya. The embassy opened in central Nairobi on 2 March 1964, when the United States established diplomatic relations with Kenya.


The Established Opinion Leaders (EOL) Specialist works under the direct supervision of the Public Diplomacy Officer (EOF) or Public Affairs Officer (PAO) designee and has no supervisory responsibility.  Is the leading Locally Employed (LE) Staff strategist/advisor responsible for Mission’s Public Diplomacy (PD) engagement with Established Opinion Leaders, including influential individuals and institutions such as think tanks, syndicates, labor unions, professional associations, civil society organizations, prominent academics, and professional training institutions, Designs and recommends Public Diplomacy strategies to connect with Established Opinion Leaders audiences to build and sustain productive dialogue, and promote understanding of and support for U.S. policy.  Plans develop, coordinates, oversees, and evaluates projects and initiatives to engage Established Opinion Leaders subject matter experts, and the audiences they reach.

Administers key exchange programs and is responsible for overseeing grants and complex projects approved and/or funded by the Department of State.

Qualifications and Evaluations


  • This position requires at least four years of progressively responsible experience in a multilingual, multicultural, multinational, academic, or governmental work environment, with communications, project management, or education duties as a significant part of the job. 
  • Experience with an audience or market analysis, marketing, and managing social media content is required.


  • Detailed knowledge of U.S. foreign policy objectives and American interests in Kenya as they relate to the influence of Established Opinion Leaders institutions and experts; understanding of U.S. history, political, economic, social, and cultural forces that shape U.S. foreign policy; comprehensive knowledge of the policy focus and positions of Established Opinion Leaders institutions and experts; understanding of regional, ethnic, socio-economic, cultural, and linguistic factors and the influence of religious, cultural, and educational institutions in shaping Kenyan perceptions of the U.S. are all required.  Knowledge of Department of State (DOS) professional exchanges, including the International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP), Fulbright and other academic programs, citizen exchanges, journalism tours, speaker programs, and others are required.  Must have general knowledge of project management, including defining project objectives, outcomes, and assessment methods.
  • Knowledge of marketing techniques, market analysis and analytics, and customer service standards in the U.S. and Kenyan; knowledge of trends in audience engagement; understanding of communications in the region and the international information environment as it affects Kenya; detailed knowledge of Public Diplomacy (PD) engagement tools, related policies and procedures for each; and knowledge of multiple Public Diplomacy resource streams and regulations are all required.

Education Requirements:

  • A University degree in political science, economics, international relations, communications, American Studies or local equivalent is required.



  • Level 4 (Fluent) Speaking/Reading/Writing English is required.
  • Level 4 (Fluent) Speaking/Reading/Writing Swahili is required.


  • Analytic skills:  Must have strong analytic skills and the ability to conceptualize how best to use Public Diplomacy tools to move Kenyan attitudes in positive ways.  Must be able to advise senior Mission leaders of opportunities to promote Mission objectives; identify, analyze, predict, and assess Established Opinion Leader's audience attitudes; evaluate the impact of projects and modify approaches for greatest outcomes.  Must be able to perceive the emergence of new influencers and adjust operations and programming accordingly.   
  • Communication Interpersonal skills:  Must have excellent customer relations, interpersonal cross-cultural communication skills, and be able to identify and engage key figures critical to shaping local public opinion.  Must have excellent written and oral communication skills, including public speaking, interviewing for evaluation purposes, writing reports, and contributing materials for publication.  Must be able to tailor communications to fit formal and informal situations and different ethnic, religious, and linguistic cultures.  Must be able to brief on a variety of issues.
  • Management Skills:  Strong project management skills are required, including the ability to develop and oversee project budgets and to organize, run, and present projects such as seminars, digital video conferences, panel discussions, lectures, and professional and academic programs.  Must be able to negotiate agreements with partner institutions and manage their fulfillment.
  • Technical Skills:  Good keyboarding and data entry skills and excellent familiarity with electronic discovery tools, in particular the Internet, and standard information retrieval practices and procedures are required.  Thorough, detailed knowledge of various computer software programs, specifically Microsoft Word, Excel, graphic design and photo editing software, and PD-specific software, databases, and reporting tools is required.  Detailed knowledge of and ability to use social media and mobile platforms, photo and video sharing sites, podcast creation, and basic photo and video skills are all required.  Must have good numerical skills to be able to develop and manage project and grant budgets; must be able to develop descriptive statistical analysis of target audience segments and to describe the outcomes of EOL activities and initiatives.

Method of Application

Interested and qualified? Go to Embassy of The United States on to apply.

JOB 3: National Consultant to Support Data Collection to Improve COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake at UNICEF


UNICEF is the world’s largest provider of vaccines for developing countries, UNICEF supports child health and nutrition, good water and sanitation, quality basic education for all boys and girls, and the protection of children from violence, exploitation, and AIDS. UNICEF is funded entirely by the voluntary contributions of individuals, businesses, foundations, and governments.

Activities and tasks

The purpose of this assignment is to identify evidence of the key obstacles to COVID-19 immunization coverage and equity relating to gender. The consultancy will follow the five-point gender analysis framework put forth in the practical guide mentioned above (see the figure below). The information gained from this work will be reviewed and endorsed by key partners to create a set of practical recommendations to improve gender equality in the relevant counties.

Expected Results: (Measurable Results)

The Consultant will perform the following tasks:

  • Refine the gender framework for key drivers of obstacles to COVID-19 immunization coverage and equity relating to gender in the two counties. This will involve briefing with MOH (Division of Health Promotion), UNICEF C4D, and health professionals. The consultant will present an inception report shoring the study methodology and dated work plan.
  • Conduct a scoping review of the evidence on key interventions and policies designed to close disparities in immunization coverage and equity including removing barriers/ promoting equity of access and utilization of immunization services. This will involve desk review, Focus Group Discussion, and key informant interviews with community opinion leaders and/or women’s groups facilitated by the UNICEF Lodwar Zone Office and the Ministry of Health.
  • Identify key evidence gaps in obstacles to immunization coverage and equity relating to gender, including measurement of gender equity, and propose a prioritized implementation research agenda in response to these gaps. Document and quantify available evidence/ obstacles to immunization equity to highlight the gaps. This is in addition to the policies and interventions outlined in bullet 2 above.
  • Conduct a field visit to the two counties to collect the missing evidence to enable a programmatic assessment, as well as to shape practical recommendations for the two counties and MOH.
  • Convene a workshop with key partners to review and endorse the products above.

Minimum Qualifications and Competencies

  • Advanced university degree in Public Health, Behaviour Science, Social Science, Epidemiology and other relevant areas. Preferably a higher degree encompassing knowledge of epidemiology, and statistics.
  • Able to promote collaboration among key stakeholders in the face of pressures and tensions among stakeholders.
  • Strong analytical skills to understand data, anticipate changing priorities, and identify solutions, openly sharing knowledge, insights, and effective practices.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Swahili; fluency in the local language of Turkana and assessment of evidence and/or data and research methods.

 Work experiences:

  • Experience conducting gender analysis or similar social and behavioral analysis with the capacity to identify key barriers and bottlenecks (ex: systemic, cultural and social norms, supply, demand)
  • 8 years of relevant professional work experience with clear responsibilities; experience conducting reviews of the literature; documented knowledge of research relating to gender, implementation research, and maternal, newborn, child, and/or adolescent health programming.
  • Solid knowledge of immunology, vaccine delivery, and key characteristics of COVID-19
  • Prior experience in working with the government is an asset

Method of Application

Interested and qualified? Go to UNICEF on to apply.