Johnson & Johnson Proposal

Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical has proposed an $89billion Settlement.

Johnson & Johnson Proposal
J&J baby powder.

The pharmaceutical has been facing a law suit with claims that its talcum powder products caused cancer. The company has proposed an $8.9billion  settlement which is still awaiting settlement that will require approval of bankruptsy court. If the settlement goes through, it will efficiently resolve the alleged claims. 

If the court approves, it will become among the top liability settlement in the US. Among the top on liability settlements is by tobacco companies and Opioidmanufacturers. 

The J&J has been facing the accusation for over 25 years, which forced it to stop supplying the talc-based baby powder in the US  and canada in May 2020. The ransum is to be paid through a J&J subsidiary, LTL Management LLC, which has filed for bankruptcy protection. 

Erik Haas, the J&J vice president of litigation has said that, " The company contiues to believe that these claims are specious and lack scientific merit."

The company had also recently proposed a$2 billion settlement against geonoloical cancer claims.  It has defended the settlements, saying that it is not an indicator that the firm is guilty of the charges. 

 Erik has also explained that the reason for the settlement was to allow accusers to be compensated in a timely manner, and to allow the company to run smoothly.