Justice for Jeff Mwathi.

Parents , friends and relatives of Jeff Mwathi Speaks Out on Their Son`s Death

Justice for Jeff Mwathi.

Jeff Mwathi is the cousin to a reknown Kikuyu Mugithi musician. He was last seen at Dj Fatxo`s apartment along Thika Road . Jeff`s death has raised eyebrows which follows a series of investigations after his death. 

Both his parents have talked and have expressed their worries and disbelief in the investigations. According to Fatxo, he left the drunk Jeff in his apartments . He says that he is not aware of what might have transpired while he was away. Fatxo also said that Jeff committed suicide. 

The arising question is why the questions are being asked after his death and how his body was found laying on the ground, 72 hours later and his pants half down. 

His girlfriend has told the media that he tried calling Jeff severally but stopped, assuming that he was asleep. On the following morning, she tried contacting Fatxo but to no avail. 

Jeff`s mother said that her last conversation with her son sounded promising. She says that Jeff was happy that he would find a job and would support himself and his brother.

As more questions arise, more suspects arise. Fatxo`s lawyer has revealed that he is cooperating as investigations are underway