Kanye West Suspended from Twitter for Violating Rules

Most influential American hip hop artist and rapper, Kanye West has yet again been suspended from Twitter by Elon Musk for violating the rules.

Kanye West Suspended from Twitter for Violating Rules

Kanye West was suspended after sharing a design blending a swastika with the Star of David, just hours after he praised Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in an interview.

This is the second time West to be suspended from the app since he joined back on November 21. His account was reinstated after the new Twitter boss Elon Musk took over after he had been restricted for tweeting an antisemitic message.

On Thursday night, Ye shared the image of the swastika over the Star of David, a symbol of Judaism. The tweet was soon deleted.

“Let’s always remember this as my final tweet,” Ye wrote, posting an unflattering image of Musk half-naked on a yacht.

The photoshopped image of the swastika was one of several tweets he sent out after his interview with the Infowars host on Thursday night. (Jones was ordered by a jury to pay $965 million in a defamation suit filed by the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims in 2012.)

Throughout the night, West appeared to be driving through Florida while listening to his own music, and he expressed support for Balenciaga amid the company's recent controversy, while also criticizing porn and cancel culture.

"Remove any and all forms of pornography from Twitter and every platform," he wrote in one tweet. "Pornography is the result of pediphilia," he said, before adding, "Pornography destroyed my family, but Jesus will heal everything."

“That is fine,” Musk replied. “This is not,” he wrote on the deleted swastika tweet.

West tweeted, "Let's break one last window before we get outa here I caught this guy with Kim Good night," next to a photo of Phoenix Suns star Chris Paul in his second to last post before signing off.