Karua Joins Leaders to Oppose the Importation of GMO Maize

The importation of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) maize has sparked heated debate in the country, particularly among various leaders, the most recent being Narc- Kenya party leader Martha Karua, who is opposing its importation.

Karua Joins Leaders to Oppose the Importation of GMO Maize

Taking to her Twitter account, Karua claimed that senior politicians in the country were behind the proposal on importing GMO maize into the country. She also associated President William Ruto being in a maize scandal when had been appointed as the minister of Agriculture in 2008.

"Maize, maize, maize. Source of daily meal for a majority of Kenyans. To wheeler dealers, a get-rich-quick medium imported often needlessly at the expense of the local farmer. In the grand coalition government as agriculture minister William Ruto was associated with Maize scandal," Karua stated.

Earlier this week, it was reported that a ship ferrying the GMO maize was reported to have docked at the Mombasa port. This was days after the Trade Cabinet secretary, Moses Kuria had made crucial remarks on the importation of maize into the country.

The importation of GMO maize comes into the country barely when the leaders had agreed on the best solution to the proposal. 

"We are now set for season two of the Maize scandal ...ships docking with consignment of Maize before rules of importation are known and when local farmers are harvesting. To add in the mix is purported cabinet approval for GMO products to enter the country," Karua stated.

Karua further continued to state her stand in opposition to GMO maize importation.

"Decision on GMO no more than a roadside declaration and therefore illegitimate," Karua stated.

Several leaders including the Rift Valley leaders have extremely opposed the proposal with some threatening to impeach the Trade CS.

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Kenyans have also raised a concern about the Agriculture CS, Mithika Linturi not making any comment about the situation yet he is the one in charge of the ministry. GMO remarks that were made by Trade CS have really sparked a lot of mixed reactions to Kenyans.