KCSE Exam Malpractice On The Rise

Police in Turkana County have arrested a total of 63 candidates sitting for the KCSE exams on the basis of exam malpractice.

KCSE Exam Malpractice On The Rise
The Turkana Police Commander, Samuel Ndanyi

According to Samuel Ndanyi, a Turkana County Police Commander, there are 25 candidates from Bantu Secondary School and 38 others from Greenlight Secondary School who were arrested. He added that the candidates were refugees and not Kenyan students.

A week has not ended since the KCSE national examinations started, yet exam malpractices incidents are being reported in the country.

The exam supervisor spent a night in police custody, and the candidates are from the Kakuma refugee camp in Turkana West Sub County.

The police commander confirmed that the supervisor, Edward Ekodor Lochole, was found with several phones confiscated from candidates at Greenlight Secondary School.

"The preferred charges against candidates and the supervisor were examination malpractices and an additional of the negligence of duty for the supervisor," he said.

Ndanyi further said that the candidates were released on a free bond to sit for their following papers, whereas the supervisor was released on cash bail. The students will be allowed to continue sitting for their KCSE examinations as they wait for further directions from the Ministry of Education.

He stated that the matter is under investigation with county officials from the Ministry of Education.

“The County security team committee and county officials from the Ministry of Education are already in the school to carry out thorough investigations for the matter,” he stated

Education CS George Magoha, while overseeing the distribution of exam papers in Westlands, condemned the act of candidates using phones to cheat in the exams.

“In terms of ensuring that all children have equal opportunities, we are more worried about cellphones….in Kakuma, we found phones almost equivalent to the number of students taking their exams,” said the Education CS.