KeMSA Involvement in Covid-19 Scandal Exposed

While Kenyans were reeling under the Covid-19 pandemic effects on the nation's economy, few individuals saw the period as the best opportunity to enrich themselves.

KeMSA Involvement in Covid-19 Scandal Exposed
KeMSA premises currently under probation over Covid-19 funds' scandal. [Photo/ Nation]

Details have finally emerged over how the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority [KeMSA] highly influenced the illegal Covid-19 supplies tenders that drained taxpayers huge sums of money.

National Assembly Public Investment Committee (PIC) revealed how the agency colluded in tender issuance to various firm(s) with an agreement to supply products in low quantities, before changing the quantities further mid-way without the required process.

For instance, Satellite Medical Solutions were contracted to supply 294 anti-static boots for a total budget of Sh0.4 million. However, the amount in question was changed to 33,510 pairs which saw a payment of Sh48.5 million.

By so doing, the initial quoted varied with over 10,000%, against the recommended 25%. The contract that reportedly the tender to Satellite Medical Solutions bears the signatures of the suspended KeMSA CEO Jonah Manjari, another KeMSA official namely Wanyonyi, and then Satellite Medical Solutions co-director Anne Karanja. 

According to the panel of the MPS, such illegality contravenes the Public Procurement and Disposal Act of 2015 which states that any initial tender quotation with over 25% difference must be advertised afresh.