Kenya Among The Wealthiest Countries

Kenya has been voted among the top wealthiest countries.

Kenya Among The Wealthiest Countries
Kenya among top five wealthiest countries in Africa

As from the reports from Africa Wealth 2023 Reports, by Henley $ Partners,  Kenya appeared amoth the top five wealthiest in Africa. The country has at least 7,700 individuals with an average worth of 130 Million.

Kenya has beaten out Moroccco to number 4 from the 2022 reports.

The country has recorded a 30% millionaire growth from the last report. The report shows an estimated 15_centi Millionaires. A centi millionaire is someone whose worth is at least Ksh.13.16 Billion,(100million$)

Classic car collection in Kenya, Egypt and Morocco is said to add the popularity for the countries. The cars that will be on high demand include Porsche 911 Turbo, the Ferrari 355, The Marcedes_ Benz among others. 

Rwanda was at the top of the list with a Millionaire growth of 72%, followed by Kenya,  Mauritius, DRC Congo then Morocco respectfully.

Africa`s high net-worth is contributed by South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya and Morocco, where it has been found that they contribute a 56$ of it., with 90% of the billionaires coming from these countries.